Friday, May 27, 2011


I noticed that in the recording of my Divebomber Pushup video, I did two stretches. I should have shared them but it slipped my mind. Here they are. Oh and to be honest, I may get names wrong but these are how I learned them, what really maters is the movement.

Downward Dog

With this stretch what you want to do is push you chest and armpits toward the ground stretching your shoulders. Keep your feet and hands in place.

Prayer?(Honestly I have no idea, never heard it named.)

You want to keep your chest near your knees but pull it back so you feel the stretch on your shoulders and armpits.

Stretches seems a lot harder to explain then exercises. Ah well I hope this was understandable.


  1. Pretty cool. I started cardio work out 4 weeks ago. Losing my winter fat! Stretches are always good to avoid injury.

  2. I like the prayer pushup haha nice post.

    I try to stretch after and before running. Or else my legs get knot feelings later on.

  3. Hey i rly need to start working out too, nice tips btw.

  4. Awesome tips. Stretches are one exercise I love doing. I had never seen either of these two until now.

  5. stretching is a very important part of any exercise regime

  6. That's great, makes me wanna train more now!

  7. Stretching is definitely one of the most important parts to health. Definitely improves circulation and relaxation.

    On a side note, doing a push up from downward dog position is a good variation and a good exercise.