Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My abode

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their desk. What do you all see?

I said I'd make a personal post and here it is :) I decided to show you all my room.

I share the room with my five year old sister. Also yes my bed is surrounded by curtains. I love it :)

I love my desk. So much space and so easy to do multiple things. My dad also has an L desk but mine is larger, though his is glass. I like the look of mine more anyways. The best thing about it is I got it free when some neighbors were moving to the mainland.

So I know what you're thinking "This kid is eighteen, this can't be his room. It's clean!" Well that because there's nothing to make it messy. I do have to clean my baby sisters clothes off the floor sometimes but other than that there's nothing to trash it. "It should at least be cluttered." Oh god clutter. My mortal enemy.

I pretty much always need everything to be organized (or as my mind sees organized.) You should see some folders I have. Paper clips and stick note tabs and all this stuff. I think it might be the signs of OCD but I don't mind. It only bothers me a little when stuff isn't right :)

Peace, until next time, clean your damn rooms!


  1. Looks really really cosy!

  2. I like your setup pretty clean. I also like my setup clean but rarely happens that way.

  3. Compared to my room, I say yours is neat.
    Mine is all messy and needs lots of cleaning.
    Not to mention I wished I had a bigger desk.

  4. You're pretty chill for being okay with sharing a room with your little sister!

    As a adult mom, my desk looks the offspring of an Office Max & a Toys R Us.

  5. if i had a little girl in my room i would... yeah i would throw her out. definately lol

  6. Man, I don't even have a room hahaha. The house I live in with my family is just that small.

    Man, I still wish I lived back home in Hawaii.You live on Oahu? You seem like a pretty cool guy, organized and stuff.