Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A quick mention - Ease of broswing

I don't know what most bloggers here use but I use the html editor. I've noticed though a lot of links on blogs open in self:

"<a href="link here" target="_self">Text here</a>"

is also

"<a href="link here">Text here</a>"

That command cause the the link to open on the tab your on, so the person has to either "right click>open in new tab" or hit the back button. By default a href tag is target="_self".

To make it easier for people to browse you blog (or not accidentally close the tab and not care about your blog) target="_blank" works so much better.

"<a href="link here" target="_blank">Text here</a>"

This opens it in a new window or tab depending on the person settings (I currently have Fire Fox to open new windows in tabs.)

Another thing that took me a few posts to figure out you can use the read more by putting <!-- more --> and that's where the post will end and show "Read More" so you don't have seven twelve paragraph showing on your main blog page.

Just a quick HTML thing for those who didn't realize, though the read more thing is blogger specific I think. Hopefully this makes your blog easier to browse.


  1. lol what does any of this even mean

  2. Ha, do you use the HTML editor? Or have any experience in HTML?

  3. Wow great post, I didn't know that having only just started. Thanks a lot, I'm very grateful for the tip.

  4. Love the target=blank tip, cheers!

  5. Yeah it's something I'm doing daily. Adding pictures, blogger auto shrinks it down to 400x even when my option is BIG and I have room for 500x, the 400x picture is click-able and will open the bigger one in _self. So it requires modification every time :P Guess this may be helpful for some bloggers. Thx

  6. Haha, thanks for the notes man. Very helpful.

  7. wow thats alot more easy than i thought. i hope you can inform a bit more about that matter, because im building a website myself