Friday, May 13, 2011

About me

If you follow me on Twitter you would have know I had this blog written up yesterday :P

As the title suggests this post is about me! I think I'll just type about me as it comes to mind. IT feel so impersonal to do a:
Name: Michael Himes
Age: 18
B-day: January 10th

Ya know? Ah well those things are out of the way now anyways. To be honest I'm not sure what to say about myself except that I want to be honest. I guess I'll go with my interests first. There are so many things I love. I love music, anime, games, coding, parkour, tricking, break dancing, nature, oh god the list will go on for too long. It's impossible to put down all of my interests at once. Well as the blog goes on each will become more prevalent.

A silly tidbit of information is I am a bit underweight, weighing in at 115# while being 5'11”. Hm... My father used to be in the military but he retired last year. We've lived all over the place. I was born in New Mexico and from there I've lived in Louisiana, Illinois, Italy, Ohio, and now am currently living in Hawai'i.

My life has been interesting and I would never go back and change anything, everything that has happened has taught me well. I live by a resolution to never regret. Regret leads us to be ashamed of what we have done and accomplished. I will never regret something, because no mater how great or horrible it was, it taught me something.

My parents have nicknamed me the kid with nine lives. To run it short when I was four I almost fell out of the car. My car seat leaned a good food out the door but my seat belt thankfully kept me in. Needless to say we also got the door replaced so it wouldn't open randomly again. When I was six I fell out of a second story window and landed with inches on either side of me between the swing set and the air conditioning thingy. I also came out of that without a scratch. I was the one inside our grandma trailer when it caught fire but I manged to get out perfectly fine. Then back when I was section I was hit by an SUV going 30mph that sent me flying to the middle of the intersection. I was in the hospital for about an hour where they cleaned a few scrapes.

The latest thing was last year around September I was rock climbing... well really I was free climbing on rocks. On one of the safest places I it my chest on some of the rocks. Knocked the breath out of me a few scratches but I thought I was fine. I continued for three hours and then proceeded to attempt to climb Koko head trail. About halfway up I found I couldn't breath. Some lovely people carried me down and stayed with me until my parents arrived. I went to the hospital and it turns out, I punctured and collapsed my left lung. I spent a week in the hospital and another month taking it easy.

My friends say the next time I'm going to get hurt is I'll be cliff jumping and I'll be attacked by sharks.

Some people might think all that is horrible but what is life without experiences! To be honest I have learned more from life than I have in 13.5 years of school. That's another thing about me. I love to learn. It really confused my friend that I was studying Christianity and Buddhism. He asked, “Aren't you atheist.” I am, does that mean I can't study? That being said I love Buddhism's teachings. I'll defiantly have a few blog posts on that.

What is there to say about my life, except those few times I've came close to being seriously injured my life has been average. Well you know that anything you want to ask you always can. I'm totally open with you guys. I don't want to be some stupid blogger, I want to be your friend.



  1. Welcome to blogger, looks like your blog is going to be very interesting :D

  2. very interesting and good luck not getting hurt