Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some stragling thoughts

I'm waiting for money to transfer from my paypal to my bank then I'm going to buy an ukulele. I love that instrument. To be honest I like string instruments the most. I'm going to pick up my flute again and play it a little bit. Then plug in my headphones to my keyboard and play that if I'm up late at night, though that isn't high on the list.

I'm never satisfied where I'm at, I always thirst for more knowledge. I want to do everything ad there is so little time for any of it. I need to stop being so ADD and get it done on at a time. I have to prioritize what I want to learn, do, and accomplish. I think my first track should be finishing my GED, although I've already passed both practice tests and I'm just being overly cautious. While I'm getting that done I'll do little things like learn the uke's cords and play fun songs on my flute. Continue to work out and train a little bit too.

If you would have talked to me two years ago my life revolved around parkour. Every day I would be training. I don't have that anymore, I always push myself to be in top shape sure, but that's different. That's me trying to stay to my claim of begin strong both physically and mentally. Parkour has been put more on the back burner, I still do it, and I plan to for the rest of my life, but I'm not pushing to make everything better every day and bigger stronger moves. Not to say I'm satisfied where I am now, I never could be. There are just other things in life now.

Parkour opened my mind to the world. It allowed me to see everything in a new light. It taught me to progress, to push myself, to make myself better than before. It introduced me to people I would have never met. These people have been a great influence on me. I have learned so much from them, you could even say I learned to love from them. They are truly my  Ľohana. Through these people and my training I learned of so many other things I would have shut my mind off from. So many cultures and people working together as a community I learned a lot about people.

Parkour was a door to an entire new world. Now I train because it's fun and it is who I am. I train to better myself, but now I must better myself further. I may be great at parkour (though others would disagree) but that's only one thing. There is more to life than parkour, and parkour has taught me that. The people I met through parkour have taught me that.

Music is one major thing. Music is awesome. I don't know what the fuck these labels called "genres" are. Some people are so close minded. Yes I do understand you might not like a certain kind of music and be legitimate about it, but some people hate some music or artists because it's cool to hate them. The hate some music just because they like another and there for that is the only "good" music. Music is the blood of life. It flows through everyone of us. It is one of the many thing that make life, just plain awesome.

I want to pick music back up, never as a career. Only want to pick it up as a hobby. Thus why I plan on getting an ukulele. The uke is popular here anyways. I also have a few friends that can teach me how to play. So out of the guitar style instruments it's my top choice. I'm picking the flute back up to play fun songs and learn a a bit more because I already know how to play decently. I might as well, but it's also going to be a back burner style hobby. The keyboard will also be back burner as I won't be actively learning it, but I'll still try on my downtime.

What else in life do I want to do? Well this far I want to learn to code in HTML, CSS, PhP, MySQL, C++, AS2. That's a lot. I also want to start tricking. There is also my dancing to get down. So much to do and only more will come along. If I tried all these and the music at once it wouldn't work. That is why I need to pick one thing at a time. So what do I do?

I'm thinking about learning the Ukulele first. I'm here in Hawai'i with great friends who can teach me. Next year I plan on leaving the island and renting an apartment with a friend, so no better time than now. On that not what will probably come next is AS2. My friend and I have a game idea that sprung from the tabletop game I'm developing. We want to create this game in flash, where he'll do the art I'll be the coder. What better time to learn that when I'll be in the same room as him.

Perhaps mix break dancing in after I get proficient at the uke. Tricking I'll probably work on slower or later. It's not something I want to do soon, never has. Oh god I just remembered, martial arts. Well that will wait until I can pay for classes. Just one more thing to add to my list.

What I need to do is sit down and set a schedule. I must spend these days or these times on this, I can dick and ADD around any other time but these times I must focus. That's one thing that would help majorly.

The strangest thing to say here is: art isn't one of my focus, and by art I mean drawing. I love looking at pretty art sure, but unlike music, or parkour, or coding, or learning, drawing isn't there. Strange.


  1. music is at its all time low for the past few years i hope it turns around

  2. It is lacking yes, but it's amusing. I find some of the new pop songs catchy enough to listen too, but I defiantly don't go to it seeking something deep. Thoguh if you look farther underground there is a lot to find that makes up for the mainstream music.