Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Protomen

I've been listening to this band way too much to not make a mention. The Protomen is a band that created an album based off of the Megaman games. It is really deep and thought provoking. In particular on their second album in the song Father of Death a portion of the lyrics say "Though I did not pull the trigger I... built the gun.. that he holds in his hand." I love that. How would you feel if something you created to do amazing and great things, was manipulated into a weapon?

A youtube user has uploaded all of their songs, but I do highly suggest supporting this awesome music. My favorite songs are Father of Death, The Hounds, The Will of One, The Stand (Man or Machine).

Father of death I already stated why I like it, those lyrics alone make it to my favorite, and the song is awesome too. The Hounds is the greatest villain song ever. I love how it sounds too. The other two I of course love how sound too, and the message is so strong. Moral of the story: Be you're own hero, don't wait for someone to help you.

Peace, and keep listening to music you like.


  1. i listen to music i like all day primarily electronic dance music with alot of bass yeah .D

  2. I love this type of music, too!

  3. I have a friend that listens to this, never knew it was good.

  4. Really beautiful lyrics in some of those tracks.

  5. I'm checking out Father of Death now, I love video game-inspired music.