Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well damn

I am sorry! I haven't posted anything in forever, and I haven't been driving any traffic to the blog at all. I've been so tired recently. I mean it's already 4pm and I just woke up, and when I am awake I'm too tired to think of anything comprehensively. I'm really sorry about that. I'll try to gather my thoughts and wake up enough to write that anime review and scan in my most recent pony drawing.

So how have you all been, what do you think I should post?

Friday, May 27, 2011


I should get more of it. I've been so tired today I haven't felt like writing anything at all, normally I have so much I want to write that I have to hold myself back.So I guess I'll talk about my day. I didn't sleep until 5am (as usual) but this time I was woken up before I was ready to be woken up, so I have been tired all day. A friend of my sister is spending the night because it's he last weekend on the island, and they piss the cat off something fierce.


I noticed that in the recording of my Divebomber Pushup video, I did two stretches. I should have shared them but it slipped my mind. Here they are. Oh and to be honest, I may get names wrong but these are how I learned them, what really maters is the movement.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Divebomber Pushup

This push up is by far my favorite one. I learned it from a guy that really helped me when I first started training, I learned a lot from him. This push up instead of the static up and down adds a clockwise or counter clock wise rotation to the mix. This, as far as I can tell, works out the shoulders more and I'm going to guess helps your shoulder joints. It also works your forearm a little. Read on for the tutorial on how to do them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well obviously a lot of you want parkour exercises. I wasn't thinking specifically exercises done in a parkour style, more exercises in general and have some of them. Though all of the exercises I will show will be things I do for conditioning, and I condition for parkour. So all the same I guess. I would have had a post about a pushup variant that I love today, but I couldn't get my head around how the hell I'll get pictures.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Something to try.

I was thinking doing a few posts about exercises that I personally like, and showing how they are done ect. ect. I'm no doctor so I don't know the specifics of what these work out, so I won't be able to say "This will do this specifically." I would say "I feel it here and here." So quite possibly that's where it is working. I'll probably also include parkour exercises, although that would be harder because I don't have a tripod currently.

What do you all think of this idea, something you would look forward to reading?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The controllers.

So as I stated the controllers arrived, what are my thoughts on them, well read on to see.

Friday, May 20, 2011

You are all awesome

Seriously. I'm two followers away from 100, and I've already surpassed 1000 pages views. That's just amazing. I've also had at least 100 comment if not more! Seriously all of you are awesome. This wouldn't be as much fun without all of you. The comments you all make are lovely. I was expecting the whole youtube deal where people would be like "STFU post this and only this or you are gay and suck." Only they don't spell that well ;) So yeah, thank you all, and I look forward to the future.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Protomen

I've been listening to this band way too much to not make a mention. The Protomen is a band that created an album based off of the Megaman games. It is really deep and thought provoking. In particular on their second album in the song Father of Death a portion of the lyrics say "Though I did not pull the trigger I... built the gun.. that he holds in his hand." I love that. How would you feel if something you created to do amazing and great things, was manipulated into a weapon?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm crying...

This blog is primarily a diary in reality. I just started crying while typing something. I read about a man. He was kicked out of his house at 18 and lived as a tramp. His life was hard, too hard. I spent the entire time reading it wishing I could help him. Then he talked about a girl. She helped him, picked him back up on his feet, gave him a place to sleep. She helped him.

My abode

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their desk. What do you all see?

Terraria: Multiplayer

So I bought my friend Terraria. Apparently he's been looking forward to the game since it's development, I only knew about it on release. His birthday is next month so I told him "Bro, make a steam account and I'll buy it for you." After we spend a while trying to figure out why his antivirus is fucking with installing steam I buy it for him. Then I spend another thirty minutes or so trying to figure out how to use multiplayer (if a guide need written on this say so in the comments.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not failed, postponed.

I decided, even through all the awesome feedback to not make a parkour blog. I don;t have the ability to edit videos quickly (it takes me 2 hours to make something 30seconds.) My computer just isn't up to the task. The amount of sheer content needed is not possible by just me alone. I will post parkour stuff here though. Just a quick mention.

Oh tomorrow you'll get a small look into my life :)

A quick mention - Ease of broswing

I don't know what most bloggers here use but I use the html editor. I've noticed though a lot of links on blogs open in self:

"<a href="link here" target="_self">Text here</a>"

is also

"<a href="link here">Text here</a>"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Terraria: First Thoughts

Terraria is an indie game that came out just today, well yesterday for most of you. It costs 9.99$ on Steam. Let me star off by saying this. This game is so amusing.


So yesterday I made a post about DnD. Most people made posts asking about it. I find table top roleplaying to be more enjoyable than most games now-a-days. People might find it confusing but everything is based off of your imagination. There is no limit to what you can do. Well it helps to have a good DM. Want to randomly climb a building, sure. Want to start a bar fight (teehee), why not.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dungeons and Magical Girls

Several friends and I have been doing a DnD session every two weeks for a while now and I must say table top roleplaying is so much fun. The name come because we are all otakus and we wanted to work in an anime tone almost, mostly what we got so far is it's based in a Japanese culture world though.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

And now something completely differnt

I've been on the same topic for far too long. I'm sure it interests some of you but oh well.

I've been a military brat all my life. I haven't spent more than 4 years living in one place. We moved around a lot. To being with it made me very introverted, I didn't want to meet people or talk to people because I knew they or I would just leave all too soon. After a while though I made few but very good friends. Then I moved again and I was a little shy to begin with. I made one friend, talked to a few people and then I met another guy, Justin.

A bit more information

So yesterday night I posted something talking about making a new blog. One that would be parkour specific. I decided as I was writing it that I would do just that. A lot of you gave some quite awesome responses. You all have inspired me even more than before. I'm going to start the blog Monday, in the hopes someday I actaully make something out of it. I won't expect that though. I'll do it because it is something I love. If my dreams come true then everything turned out better than ever.

"Do what you love." Someone said, and if I can do that and possible make something out of it. I actaully don't have words for it. I'm sure a lot of you understand though. On this blog I am doing what I love and talking about what I love, of course. The parkour blog would be for the intention of making something out of it. A blog like this is fine, but a blog like that could gain and keep a viewer base.

So I will make it, but I don't know what to do. I'll ask again, what would you like to see out of a parkour blog. I need to be spending time on making a banner for it, a good, not too busy background, a good design... It will be work but work worth doing.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Late night thoughts

It's not really that late. 11:30pm. Well I guess depending on your perspective. So I've talked about how this blog is just full of too much and does so little. I'm seriously considering making a parkour blog on it's own, I'd still post some things here about parkour but that would be the main one. Everything else here would continue as normal.

I was reading a few things and everything kept saying "one topic" this and "singularity" that. I'll be honest I want to make a few extra dollars a day writing up little things like I love to do, but I'm not trying to make money here. All those things were talking about making money so it's not really prevalent to me. That being said it still gets me thinking should I really? I think it would be more work maintaining more blogs.

I wouldn't make a separate blog for reviews or thoughts or anything like that, just because those are only things I type about because I just kinda want to say it. I'm not thinking about those gaining any gain at all. Parkour though, that is something I love and can see actaully working for me in a monetary kind of way.

These things were talking about full time blogging. My only though on this is "Can that be true?" If I made a parkour exclusive blog could after a year or two it turn popular enough to sustain myself while sharing rent with a friend (next year a friend and I are renting an apartment.) Let us say 500$ for rent a month. My trust ol' calculator says... I would have to make an average of 17$ a day just to make rent. So to live (as I would be freeloading a bit off my friend) I probably would want a ballpark of 40$ a day from ads.

Well I get around 2$ a day right now. Maybe it is possible... I don't know if I can build a large enough of an audience. I would have to work at it no doubt and I don't know how to really monetize on things like this. What kind of content would I even put. Training logs? Weekly videos? Tutorials? Hm... Videos would be really hard, my computer is not made for video editing in the least.

I think starting Monday I will create a parkour specific blog, but I need help, what would y'all like to see out of a blog of that kine? Don't worry though! I will still post here. This will forever be my idea dumping ground, or my excitement vest of a cool controller I get, or peaks into my daily life. I won't leave you guys, you're too cool to leave ^.^

Peace, stay awesome until next time.

Onwards and Upwards

I made this a few days before this blog. I just thought I'd share it here. :)

Original post date: May 10th 2011

"So something happened to get me to say:
If you believe you have no value then you don't. If you believe you are great then you are. The only thing that matters is oneself and one's own opinions. Only if you believe in yourself can others believe in you. Sympathy is not deserved by those who seek it.

God I am such a hippy."

I then posted that on facebook and the responses got me to say:

"Ultimately how you feel about yourself dictates how you act. If he didn't have confidence in his swimming he wouldn't swim well. If you tell yourself you can't do something, then you can't.

If I told myself "That kong is impossible, I'll nev...er get it." then I won't, I wouldn't even try. but if I though "Shit this is hard but I will get it." I will, albeit through practice.

Attitude has a lot to do with our daily lives and it's why we can't go around feeling sorry for ourselves. It is why we must always look onward and upward to better ourselves, further our knowledge, and move forward."

"They can, but not to their max potential. If someone truly believes they can't do something, most of the time they won't even try.

"If you really didn't believe you'd succeed, then you wouldn't have tried at all." ~ Tonedeff - Optimist

But t...he problem is: If you think and say you can't but still try, you will never reach the max you can. Only those who believe they can and those who truly want to further themselves will continue strong in a world of weak. There is not only physical strength, there is mental strength. The strength to push through fear. The strength to look past obstacles. The strength to stay strong through hardships.

Only those who believe in themselves and their capabilities are truly strong. As Eli said, "Self fulfilling prophecy" Make your own path."

"There is an obvious line to draw where you must work yourself up to. Timing is not a factor. If you say you will never be David Belle level then you won't. If you say you can, some day through hard work and determination.

They can do things, but they will never reach the heights of someone who believed in themselves, and it will take them longer."

I felt the need to share with you all. Remember, life is awesome, you are awesome, and you can do what you want if you believe you can. I may not always agree with thing you guys say but I love you.

I love love. I hate hate. I wish we could all hug and be friends.

Wow not only do I have long hair, but I think like a hippy. I must agree with everyone on that one.

Nostalgia all up in this

I bought a Classic USB NES Controller for PC and a Classic USB Super Nintendo Controller for PC yesterday. They should be here Friday next week so I'll have an actual review up when they get here.

I may already have a Logitech PS2 style usb controller but having these just makes it feel like I'm playing the game again. Well I am playing the game again without them but... Ah I'm sure you all know what I mean. Maybe next month I'll get a sega usb controller too. I don't know much in the sega way of things. All I remember playing on that was sonic pinball :D I also need to get a n64 to usb adapter and a n64 controller.

I'm defiantly going to try out megaman. Of course I played it as a kid but I can't remember anything about the series. What other games do you think I should play? Final fantasy, Mario series. Hm... Well just leave me a comment on some awesome NES and SNES games :D

Parkour Photos

I talked before that we do technically have another active member in Urban Surfers, but he's not in videos. Well here he is: Chris

I also have my photos up here.

I do actaully have more photos but they're mostly on disks, I'll probably go through them some other time, this is just what I have on my HDD as of yesterday.

About me

If you follow me on Twitter you would have know I had this blog written up yesterday :P

As the title suggests this post is about me! I think I'll just type about me as it comes to mind. IT feel so impersonal to do a:
Name: Michael Himes
Age: 18
B-day: January 10th

Ya know? Ah well those things are out of the way now anyways. To be honest I'm not sure what to say about myself except that I want to be honest. I guess I'll go with my interests first. There are so many things I love. I love music, anime, games, coding, parkour, tricking, break dancing, nature, oh god the list will go on for too long. It's impossible to put down all of my interests at once. Well as the blog goes on each will become more prevalent.

A silly tidbit of information is I am a bit underweight, weighing in at 115# while being 5'11”. Hm... My father used to be in the military but he retired last year. We've lived all over the place. I was born in New Mexico and from there I've lived in Louisiana, Illinois, Italy, Ohio, and now am currently living in Hawai'i.

My life has been interesting and I would never go back and change anything, everything that has happened has taught me well. I live by a resolution to never regret. Regret leads us to be ashamed of what we have done and accomplished. I will never regret something, because no mater how great or horrible it was, it taught me something.

My parents have nicknamed me the kid with nine lives. To run it short when I was four I almost fell out of the car. My car seat leaned a good food out the door but my seat belt thankfully kept me in. Needless to say we also got the door replaced so it wouldn't open randomly again. When I was six I fell out of a second story window and landed with inches on either side of me between the swing set and the air conditioning thingy. I also came out of that without a scratch. I was the one inside our grandma trailer when it caught fire but I manged to get out perfectly fine. Then back when I was section I was hit by an SUV going 30mph that sent me flying to the middle of the intersection. I was in the hospital for about an hour where they cleaned a few scrapes.

The latest thing was last year around September I was rock climbing... well really I was free climbing on rocks. On one of the safest places I it my chest on some of the rocks. Knocked the breath out of me a few scratches but I thought I was fine. I continued for three hours and then proceeded to attempt to climb Koko head trail. About halfway up I found I couldn't breath. Some lovely people carried me down and stayed with me until my parents arrived. I went to the hospital and it turns out, I punctured and collapsed my left lung. I spent a week in the hospital and another month taking it easy.

My friends say the next time I'm going to get hurt is I'll be cliff jumping and I'll be attacked by sharks.

Some people might think all that is horrible but what is life without experiences! To be honest I have learned more from life than I have in 13.5 years of school. That's another thing about me. I love to learn. It really confused my friend that I was studying Christianity and Buddhism. He asked, “Aren't you atheist.” I am, does that mean I can't study? That being said I love Buddhism's teachings. I'll defiantly have a few blog posts on that.

What is there to say about my life, except those few times I've came close to being seriously injured my life has been average. Well you know that anything you want to ask you always can. I'm totally open with you guys. I don't want to be some stupid blogger, I want to be your friend.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here's my first post about parkour. It will probably be short. First I need to link to my youtube channel HIurbansurfersPK

This team started between a friend and I. We wanted a joint channel where we could post our things. We decided from there to make a team, thus others were included. Right now it's mostly me though. The friend I started with is currently over in Louisiana. I'm actaully on the phone with him right now.

Right now I am still the leader, and I have a couple of a friends whom are team members, but aren't really being filmed, though you will see one of them later when I post about photos.

I leave my favorite video here:

I hope this inspires some of you :)

More ideas

Normally I'd just update this maybe three times a week, but this is the grand opening day. This blog is almost to act as my diary. That's kind of how I see it. Sure I could make multiple blogs for parkour, music, reviews, thoughts, but why not condense it into one melting pot that is my life as a whole. I'll probably use labels so those who are here from something more specific can find that exactly. Like photography perhaps? Maybe later this week I'll throw a photo dump onto Flikr or PhotoBucket and link it here., then anytime I add picture update such here. I'll do the same with my youtube.

Strange I claim to want to keep everything together here even though having a selective audience would probably gain me more viewers when on youtube I have three accounts. My personal account, and two others, one for gameplay commentary, the other for parkour videos.

I suppose one day each this week I will post sometime like my Flickr, then my parkour youtube, my gameplay commentary youtube. That way I can ad labels to each for those to find the specifics and space it out.

Some stragling thoughts

I'm waiting for money to transfer from my paypal to my bank then I'm going to buy an ukulele. I love that instrument. To be honest I like string instruments the most. I'm going to pick up my flute again and play it a little bit. Then plug in my headphones to my keyboard and play that if I'm up late at night, though that isn't high on the list.

I'm never satisfied where I'm at, I always thirst for more knowledge. I want to do everything ad there is so little time for any of it. I need to stop being so ADD and get it done on at a time. I have to prioritize what I want to learn, do, and accomplish. I think my first track should be finishing my GED, although I've already passed both practice tests and I'm just being overly cautious. While I'm getting that done I'll do little things like learn the uke's cords and play fun songs on my flute. Continue to work out and train a little bit too.

If you would have talked to me two years ago my life revolved around parkour. Every day I would be training. I don't have that anymore, I always push myself to be in top shape sure, but that's different. That's me trying to stay to my claim of begin strong both physically and mentally. Parkour has been put more on the back burner, I still do it, and I plan to for the rest of my life, but I'm not pushing to make everything better every day and bigger stronger moves. Not to say I'm satisfied where I am now, I never could be. There are just other things in life now.

Parkour opened my mind to the world. It allowed me to see everything in a new light. It taught me to progress, to push myself, to make myself better than before. It introduced me to people I would have never met. These people have been a great influence on me. I have learned so much from them, you could even say I learned to love from them. They are truly my  Ľohana. Through these people and my training I learned of so many other things I would have shut my mind off from. So many cultures and people working together as a community I learned a lot about people.

Parkour was a door to an entire new world. Now I train because it's fun and it is who I am. I train to better myself, but now I must better myself further. I may be great at parkour (though others would disagree) but that's only one thing. There is more to life than parkour, and parkour has taught me that. The people I met through parkour have taught me that.

Music is one major thing. Music is awesome. I don't know what the fuck these labels called "genres" are. Some people are so close minded. Yes I do understand you might not like a certain kind of music and be legitimate about it, but some people hate some music or artists because it's cool to hate them. The hate some music just because they like another and there for that is the only "good" music. Music is the blood of life. It flows through everyone of us. It is one of the many thing that make life, just plain awesome.

I want to pick music back up, never as a career. Only want to pick it up as a hobby. Thus why I plan on getting an ukulele. The uke is popular here anyways. I also have a few friends that can teach me how to play. So out of the guitar style instruments it's my top choice. I'm picking the flute back up to play fun songs and learn a a bit more because I already know how to play decently. I might as well, but it's also going to be a back burner style hobby. The keyboard will also be back burner as I won't be actively learning it, but I'll still try on my downtime.

What else in life do I want to do? Well this far I want to learn to code in HTML, CSS, PhP, MySQL, C++, AS2. That's a lot. I also want to start tricking. There is also my dancing to get down. So much to do and only more will come along. If I tried all these and the music at once it wouldn't work. That is why I need to pick one thing at a time. So what do I do?

I'm thinking about learning the Ukulele first. I'm here in Hawai'i with great friends who can teach me. Next year I plan on leaving the island and renting an apartment with a friend, so no better time than now. On that not what will probably come next is AS2. My friend and I have a game idea that sprung from the tabletop game I'm developing. We want to create this game in flash, where he'll do the art I'll be the coder. What better time to learn that when I'll be in the same room as him.

Perhaps mix break dancing in after I get proficient at the uke. Tricking I'll probably work on slower or later. It's not something I want to do soon, never has. Oh god I just remembered, martial arts. Well that will wait until I can pay for classes. Just one more thing to add to my list.

What I need to do is sit down and set a schedule. I must spend these days or these times on this, I can dick and ADD around any other time but these times I must focus. That's one thing that would help majorly.

The strangest thing to say here is: art isn't one of my focus, and by art I mean drawing. I love looking at pretty art sure, but unlike music, or parkour, or coding, or learning, drawing isn't there. Strange.

First post: The Direction

The point of this blog is as the tittle say my journey though life. I'm inviting anyone who wants to read what I have to say. What do I have to say? Mostly mussing and ramblings about things I come to think of. That's not all though, I plan on using this almost to document what I think about anything. Whenever I finish an anime, a book, anything really, I'll post what my thoughts on it are. I get some nice photos I'll post those.

So in short this blog will be for everything and anything I want to post as I got through life. Come and join me.