Friday, May 13, 2011

Onwards and Upwards

I made this a few days before this blog. I just thought I'd share it here. :)

Original post date: May 10th 2011

"So something happened to get me to say:
If you believe you have no value then you don't. If you believe you are great then you are. The only thing that matters is oneself and one's own opinions. Only if you believe in yourself can others believe in you. Sympathy is not deserved by those who seek it.

God I am such a hippy."

I then posted that on facebook and the responses got me to say:

"Ultimately how you feel about yourself dictates how you act. If he didn't have confidence in his swimming he wouldn't swim well. If you tell yourself you can't do something, then you can't.

If I told myself "That kong is impossible, I'll get it." then I won't, I wouldn't even try. but if I though "Shit this is hard but I will get it." I will, albeit through practice.

Attitude has a lot to do with our daily lives and it's why we can't go around feeling sorry for ourselves. It is why we must always look onward and upward to better ourselves, further our knowledge, and move forward."

"They can, but not to their max potential. If someone truly believes they can't do something, most of the time they won't even try.

"If you really didn't believe you'd succeed, then you wouldn't have tried at all." ~ Tonedeff - Optimist

But t...he problem is: If you think and say you can't but still try, you will never reach the max you can. Only those who believe they can and those who truly want to further themselves will continue strong in a world of weak. There is not only physical strength, there is mental strength. The strength to push through fear. The strength to look past obstacles. The strength to stay strong through hardships.

Only those who believe in themselves and their capabilities are truly strong. As Eli said, "Self fulfilling prophecy" Make your own path."

"There is an obvious line to draw where you must work yourself up to. Timing is not a factor. If you say you will never be David Belle level then you won't. If you say you can, some day through hard work and determination.

They can do things, but they will never reach the heights of someone who believed in themselves, and it will take them longer."

I felt the need to share with you all. Remember, life is awesome, you are awesome, and you can do what you want if you believe you can. I may not always agree with thing you guys say but I love you.

I love love. I hate hate. I wish we could all hug and be friends.

Wow not only do I have long hair, but I think like a hippy. I must agree with everyone on that one.


  1. great post, very insightful. good to know something about the blogger. i also have long hair :p

  2. "I love love. I hate hate"
    Fantastic quote man

  3. good post, reminds me that i have a meaning in life

  4. I think you're just overthinking things.. enjoy the sun while it lasts..everything is gonna be alright in the end :)

  5. Haha :D Yeah, live life as it goes and enjoy what you like. Ya have to have confidence though :)

    That's great Ross! We all do. Go on to do great things brother.

  6. DUDE...

    We both have personal and random blogs,
    and we both love parkour!