Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm an Obssesive Person

I didn't just notice, but it became so blaring obvious that it won't leave my mind. The first instance I can truly remember begin obsessive was when K-on! was airing. I looked up their instrument and knew their exact model. I had every song as soon as it was out. Lurked several anime forums about K-on!, started to read the manga, looked up the voice actors, the list goes on. Looking back on that it's a tiny bit creepy but I was obsessed.

Friday, September 2, 2011

That kind of story telling

I've been reading a manga recently. I won't go into details about it because well, I actaully just rather not, I'll just leave it at it's an echi manga. I really like this manga, it's interesting, amusing, and has decent character development. It's odd on top of all of that. That being said it's not great, it does what it does decent, but not great like other manga that have touched my heart, and for how long it is I would expect more (90 chapters and still ongoing.) I do have one main gripe, and it's a method of story telling it uses.