Friday, September 2, 2011

That kind of story telling

I've been reading a manga recently. I won't go into details about it because well, I actaully just rather not, I'll just leave it at it's an echi manga. I really like this manga, it's interesting, amusing, and has decent character development. It's odd on top of all of that. That being said it's not great, it does what it does decent, but not great like other manga that have touched my heart, and for how long it is I would expect more (90 chapters and still ongoing.) I do have one main gripe, and it's a method of story telling it uses.

I'll quote a line "Nobody would have guessed that this would be the last time we'd all go on a field trip together." I don't know what it is about story telling like that but I dislike it. The after it happen looking back kind of way. I might be able to stomach it if the entire story was versed in this post looking back kind of way, but it's not. Most of the story is told in the now except certain parts almost like it's trying to get sympathy for one of the characters.

It's not trying to be subtle about it at all. The girl is sick we get this, but it's pushing the fact that she's hiding how sick she is from her friends. The again should I expect high tier storytelling from a manga like this... I don't know it just get's on my nerves. Stories that do this feel like they're holding your hands or you're to incompetent to foreshadow on your own. They also feel like they're trying to drive out sympathy for the characters in an unnatural way. After that line now anytime they're all together smiling you feel sorry because you know that will be lost.

Well that's all I got to say for now. as I mentioned in the last update I'll mostly just be typing when I feel like it which is mostly when something bothers me a little.

See ya, have a good day :)

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