Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm an Obssesive Person

I didn't just notice, but it became so blaring obvious that it won't leave my mind. The first instance I can truly remember begin obsessive was when K-on! was airing. I looked up their instrument and knew their exact model. I had every song as soon as it was out. Lurked several anime forums about K-on!, started to read the manga, looked up the voice actors, the list goes on. Looking back on that it's a tiny bit creepy but I was obsessed.

MLP:FIM is another account of when I obsessed over something. I knew the voice actors, watched the series several times, drew ponies, kept up with all the news I could. I'm sure I've done this about a lot of things without noticing. I tend to be obsessed with knowing everything when I like it. Watch an anime? I must watch it's sequels, specials, that one fan doujin. It sounds odd but I just have a crave to know everything I can. It got real bad with Karin/Chibi Vampire. It has a novel, manga, and anime. Not only that but all three are slightly different. I felt a very powerful need to be completest about it.

Maybe I'm obsessive because I'm perfectionist about completing things? I guess I'm an otaku in the Japanese sense of the word. Obsessive about something. I'm a parkour otaku, an anime otaku, and who knows what else.

What brought this upon is Densha Otoko. I watched the TV Drama a while ago and loved it so much. It brought me to tears. I loved it. Well recently my music player landed on a song from the OST. This made me want to watch it again, and from there I wanted to watch the film, read the mangas, read the novel, and what has been archived from the original 2ch posts.

For those that don't know Densha Otoko is a Novel based off a series of threads from 2ch where an otaku gets advice on a girl he likes. It's a bit more complex than that but go look it up. You can find the archived posts translated to english here. From the novel a film, a tv series, and several manga were created.

I have watched the series already a while ago but I'm watching it again, along with the film, I've already read all of the translated manga online, and I'm almost finished with the translated archive. That's what I mean by obsessive. I feel the odd need to watch, read, and learn everything.

Just some late night self observation. Honestly the only down side is sometimes this leads me to waste a lot of time looking up and researching stuff. Well that and looking like a complete freak but I do that enough that it doesn't mater.

Well I've ran out of things to say so I'll call this a post.
See you all. I hope you all have good days.

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  1. Hey man...this is kinda weird cause I actually JUST started doing the same thing. I got the DVD's from a friend and I tore up my house looking for them again.

    After hours and hours of searching, I finally found them with my manga and I was so happy. I popped it into my laptop and ripped it. I wasn't satisfied with it though. I converted it to a format compatible with my 3DS and got it on that.

    I know exactly what you mean about it. The TV Drama at least is truly something to behold. It's a great story, even if some of it is greatly exaggerated. His struggles with becoming someone he wants to be conflicting with who he truly is is something I think everyone can relate to.

    The actors they got to portray Densha and Hermes were perfect. She was very beautiful and he looked just like an Otaku. Not only were they able to look the part, but they acted their respected parts very well.

    I could go on and on, but you've seen it, you know. Have you ever seen the movie? It's pretty good, but the TV Drama makes the movie seem like crap. I loved the show much, MUCH better than the movie. I never read the novel or the manga though.

    Man, I really wished I lived back home over there. You live right over by where I used to live and I feel like if we knew each other in real life, we'd be really good friends.

    Keep writing my friend, stay strong.