Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay what is going on?

I've all but abandoned this blog. I haven't had inclination to write here at all, yet I still get comments. I can't even figure out where they're coming from looking at sources. Also why is some PHD UK site referring here? You guys ghosts or something? Really it's odd. I'm thinking of coming back maybe posting once a week. Maybe people. For right now I'll just give a few updates out about what's going on, what I am doing, what I plan to do.

First is first is my LPs. Error after mistake after problem after interruption. UGH! Everything I've tried to record in the past month has botched in some way. Just today... er... Yesterday I tried to record Minecraft and as I ended it Fraps froze and the video corrupted. It's getting frustrating, I'm considering dropping Let's Plays until I can afford a better computer. I need about 400$ with the parts I have now. Too bad my adsense was banned because of a click bomber.

Second thing is second is my comic. You guys never heard of it, and for good reason, I'm horrible at updating it, just like the blog. It's a tribute to an animation I saw on Sheezy Art that amassed a decent fandom for that site's time. It was a lot of fun back then, and I've gathered two out of the three most active fan members whom I got in contact with after a few years of silence between all of us. I also talked to the third for a short while, but she didn't care for Kill Pacman anymore. Oh yeah that's it's name.
Here's the site if you really want to look at it:

Third is parkour. God I have been way too fucking lazy, and that is going to change. I'm planning a video, that might take a little while and is going to be a pain without a tripod but I'm going to do it regardless. I'm hoping it will serve as inspiration to everyone when it's finished.

Fourth (he's still typing?) would be everything else. I should write more anime reviews for TTS but I don't know, I always love anime, no mater it's flaws. I also hate number rating and everything. I can only cringe at some review on MAL. They talk about high expectations or sub standard plot. I never have this problem. No anime I have ever watched was lower than my "standards". My standards are low because I like to enjoy the things I watch... It reminds me of audiophiles, they don't enjoy music, otherwise they wouldn't need to spend 3000$ on equipment and store only FLACs and be obnoxious about people listening to 320kbps MP3s. I want to hug those kind of people and tell them it's all right to enjoy life for what it is, enjoy music for what it is, enjoy anime for what it is, enjoy your enjoyment.

Fifth. How'd I get here, I planned on four being the last. I got heated about something. I've been coding Python a bit but more info on that at a later date. I've been watching a lot of anime recently. It past week I have watched Macross, Samurai Champloo, Battle Athletes Victory, Hen Zemi OVA, Bottle Fairy, and Hidan no Aria (Just finished this like ten minutes ago.) My calculator is within easy reach, that's 108 episodes of anime (Bottle fairy has short episodes so each on counts as .5) that's almost thirty-six hours of anime this past week. Something triggered and I wanted to watch all I could. Oh boy I just went off and ranted again didn't I. I had one other thing I thought about saying but it's not important.

So to end it off I'm giving out my contact details.
You can e-mail me at
Find me on Twitter @mikenter
Add me to Google+
Skype me vaa_mikenter

I love talking to people, especially those who are interested, or even took the inclination to read what I write with horrible grammar and English.

So internet hugs for all of you even if you're not one of the hater I talked about earlier, I love all of your comments, and I hope you have a great day!

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