Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Parkour news thing


I'm the guy who desperately needs to shave and is wearing the white tank. They don't allow embedding sadly.

That day was pretty cool :) Anyways just a little something. Right now I'm playing with the idea of abandoning the blog though sadly. Or only posting here rarely. Though you should check out thetechsyndicate.com where I am doing weekly anime reviews.

I have nothing else really to say right now so I will maybe talk to you all later, peace.


  1. to do parkour you have to be so athletic ;___;

  2. Wow man, it did that much for you? I'm glad you found a creative outlet. Being in great shape and learning to control your body and mind is an important thing to do in life. There's a school where I live too and I was thinking about taking it, but I need to get some cash first.

    Good job on being on the news too haha.

  3. (I posted this like 4 days ago but it never showed up 0_o)

    Anyways, that report on parkour was pretty cool. I'm glad to hear how much its helped you. Congrats on getting on the news!

    As for the blog, I don't want to see you abandon it, even if you only post every once in a while thats better than nothing right?

  4. I just found a book on ebay about the movements of parkour.