Sunday, July 3, 2011

Interviewed by the news: Parkour style

So I mentioned I was interviewed by the news. It was a local news station called KITV. Channel 4 here. Well it was because of a parkour class a friend runs. I took his class a few month ago. Sorta. He gave me a major discount because I was a friend and I was able to help teach a little bit. Well he keeps running these six week classes and I'm not sure how but the news came to film it and interview people.

He posted on my Facebook wall telling me: "What you doing thursday, news coming to class, I talked about a guy who canalized anger with parkour and theyd like to have you there for interview... can?"

Yeah I think I mentioned before that parkour has helped me with anger problems in the past. So on Thursday I went down there and showed off for the camera, took place in the class (I may be good at parkour but his conditioning still kills me), and got interviewed by the news. The asked questions about what parkour is to me, how it helped me, how I got started, what I had expected out of it, all that kind of stuff.

She gave me her card and told me to e-mail here about when it would air, I did so only about twenty minutes ago so I'll have that information later, but I do know KITV has a youtube channel so I will have that up when they post it.

All in all it was really cool. I got to take one of his classes free, I got interviewed by the news, and I met some more people who are really cool! Also a ten year old "ninja" was taking his class. The oldest was forty-one years old. At least that I know for sure because I have him on Facebook and his birthday was yesterday.


  1. Pretty cool man! You'll have to post the interview!

  2. Dude, grats on getting somewhere with the parkour. That's takes grit man.

  3. parkour is cool. it's worth to do this

  4. Nice man should post the interview :)