Friday, May 13, 2011

Parkour Photos

I talked before that we do technically have another active member in Urban Surfers, but he's not in videos. Well here he is: Chris

I also have my photos up here.

I do actaully have more photos but they're mostly on disks, I'll probably go through them some other time, this is just what I have on my HDD as of yesterday.


  1. You're doing parkour?
    I've been into tricking for over 3 years. Last year I stopped and now I'm still recovering from some injuries.
    This is great though. I'll be following!

  2. Oh wow, that flagpole (I think it's called? The one where he goes horizontal while holding on to a pole) is really impressive. I hear its super hard to do. I can imagine you'd need a ton of upper body strength to pull it off.

  3. Actually not so much. the most demanding thing from a flag is core strength.