Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The vote have been tallied!

And that is that.

I saw parkour coming. That was one of the things I was sure would be in the top three. I didn't not expect stories and personal to pull up second and third. Especially not personal. Doesn't mean it isn't awesome all the same. I'm actaully feeling like I'll be able to sleep tonight. Sleep? At night? Crazy I know. So I'll be able to hopefully film something. Curse my current lack of a tripod. Maybe I'll go to the mall and get one.

Stories I'll start putting out again, I still have a bunch back logged, a bunch I need to type up, and I can always look for inspiration to write more.

Personal. Um... No idea... I'll just say random things that happen in life from time to time. What is personal blogging? Hm... That's a tough category to pin, but none the less I will do it! And no worries to the other things, I will keep those up, I just wanted to know what y'all wanted to see most.

Peace, look forward to it.


  1. You've been keeping up with my blog; THAT is personal stuff haha. I'm sure you got some funny stories. You just gotta tell'em right. Can't wait to see some parkour stuff as well.

  2. Can't wait for more parkour stuff: while I'll never be able to do it myself, it's still damn interesting.

  3. those statistics are very interesting

  4. Ye Parkour stuff would be nice, theres some crazy stuff that i have seen on youtube. Theres some 10 minute russian? Parkour movie that's insane.