Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An odd dream

Last night I had this quite odd dream. I was going to a school that seemed like a mixture between medieval style Japanese buildings and Western cathedrals. I'm not sure how it worked either. There were several people there who resembled those I know but almost in a alternate universe kind of way. Like a white friend was black and female friend was a guy. All kinds of weird. Although all of this is in hindsight, in the dream I thought nothing weird of the place. Just goes to show perception usually overshadows reality.

Anyways three days passed in the dream. Crazy how time can lose meaning so easily. Even better is I was a completely different person. Actually who I was in the dream reminded me of a character I once roleplayed. Hyper, innocent, all that stuff. There were also a lot of people who didn't like me in the dream but I didn't seem to care.

Probably the weirdest part of the dream was one of my friend was literally throwing me eight feet into the air and then catching me. Then the last time he threw me and tried to catch me he fell down an I tried to help him up and all of a sudden I shot to reality realizing I was dreaming. I was also kinda confused thinking about the dream because it seemed so odd to me.


  1. I was with you until your friends started throwing you in the air. Went from awesome to downright creepy.

  2. Getting thrown up into the air? o.o Holy moley, that'd scare me awake...

  3. I think it's weird how we tend to just accept whatever weird stuff happens in dreams. "Oh there's a seven foot tall purple monster... k."

  4. Yeh I would think getting throw would wake you up but I guess not.
    Don't worry I occasionally get extremely weird dreams :|

  5. That is a pretty weird dream. I've had some weird ones myself recently, which is odd considering I almost never remember my dreams.