Saturday, June 4, 2011

A new day a new ambition.

A sudden strike of inspiration. I grab my camera and pick up my pen. On such a dreary day the sun has not shone brighter. I look out upon the world with clouds stretching to the end of the sky. I stand in the cold rain but all I can see is the greatness the world holds. All I can feel is the warm feelings of my friends and family. A raindrop falls on my spine and bring chills through my body bringing me back to reality. I look out upon the dreary world and smile, because the sun will always shine.

I wrote this on the spur of the moment, and I have another poem blossoming in my mind that I want to accompany the pictures I have taken. So here you go, another view into my mind.

Peace, and remember no mater how bad it is, at the very least this insignificant boy you have never met... He still want you to smile and would be willing to take whatever pain you have just for that chance.


  1. Pretty nice. One has to always look forward...

  2. Great day for sun here. It's time to grill.

  3. Beautiful, well done, keep em coming!

  4. I liked it, was very positive and put a smile on face, and a warm feeling in my body.