Thursday, June 2, 2011

Story time: Immortal Wars

Google Document: Immortal Wars

This is something I wrote a while ago, probably two or three years ago. It was when I was really into role-playing on the forums on gaiaonline. It had sparked my fun of writing again and I just decided to write things. I think this was also around the time I read the Twilight Saga, so that might explain the whole immortal theme, though I wanted to do vampires right.

The real amusing thing about this is how absolutely bad it was.

”Took you long enough.” a girl giggled as James rushed into the clearing where he met Lilly. James nodded and walked off behind the bush and formed backing a human, put on his pants ans stepped back into view. Lilly giggled again, “This is much nicer.” she stated.

Few paragraph skip here.

James nodded thinking it over, “Okay then, I'll call any others here, and we can discuss it.” he said, then let out a deep howl, that echoed for miles. “Now we wait.” he said.

... He didn't change back into a wolf. I mean I guess I could make it so they can howl in human form but... See... I didn't have that planned at the time. This was a continuity error, and if you read the entire thing you'll notice the rest of how bad I was at proof reading (and writing).

Peace, plenty more stories to come, and even more when I type the ones on paper up. Remember, never ignore your creative side.


  1. I'm really gettin into your blog man. Good stuff, Keep it up

  2. It's always fun to go through old stuff you forgot about. Sometimes you are blown away by your own talent, and others you just wish it'd remain forgotten.

  3. Haha, oddly enough, this is the EXACT same thing my other blog is about. It was inspired by an RP that I did while I used to be on Gaia. I have to update that...

  4. Online roleplaying on forums... A dark, dark time in my youth...